Artemis office

The association was founded in January 2007 and its purpose is to continue the work of the ARTEMIS European Platform for Embedded Intelligence. Therefore ARTEMIS-IA is responsible for the ARTEMIS-ETP Strategic Research Agenda that was set up by the European Technology Platform in March 2006. See: SRA. ARTEMIS-IA is a founding member of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking; The Public Private Partnership with the European Commission and participating Member States. The association is representing all its members in the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking.

Membership is multidisciplinary, providing an excellent network, for the exchange of technology ideas, cross-fertilization as well as for radical innovation initiatives. Beside free entrance to all the ARTEMIS-IA events you can build quality consortia continuously and benefit from it for cooperation and submitting of project proposals to the ARTEMIS funding programme. Only members may participate in one of the ARTEMIS-IA Working Groups that deploy the ARTEMIS-ETP Strategic Research Agenda for Europe in concrete actions. And again, only members may participate in the ARTEMIS Summer Camp where the basis will be shaped for the ARTEMIS-JU Calls. Join the ARTEMIS-IA network and team up with more than 200 ARTEMIS organisations around Europe.

ARTEMIS-IA is member of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking which was launched in February 2008 by the European Council as an industry-led initiative. The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (ARTEMIS-JU) will define and implement a 10-year R&D funding programme on embedded systems that is open for all R&D actors in all Member States of the European Union and Associated Countries. Each year a call for innovative R&D in embedded systems will be launched. Selected projects will be co-funded by the EC and the Member States that have joined the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking